Bodymotion Racing Still Tops Point Standings After a Fourth-Place Finish in GS at The Glen; Team Also Secures a Top-10 Finish in ST Class

Monday, July 3, 2017

With a fourth place finish in Saturday's IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge race at Watkins Glen International with their Bodymotion Racing Porsche Cayman GT4, Cameron Cassels and Trent Hindman retained their point lead in the top class, Grand Sport, heading into next weekend's race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

The Ocean Township, N.J.-based team's entry in the Street Tuner class, another Porsche driven by Drake Kemper and Devin Jones, was as high as third and finished tenth in its class at the conclusion of the two-hour race on the historic 3.4-mile, 11-turn road course.

Cassels and Hindman, the defending race winners, were in line for a podium finish of third until Nico Rondet passed Hindman with only 7:07 remaining. They almost got it anyway when the leader, Al Carter, spun across the track on the last lap, but Matt Plumb made a late charge to grab the final podium position from the Wayside, N.J.-based driver. It was very close, as Hindman was only 0.369 of a second behind Plumb at the checkered.

Cassels, of Coldstream, British Columbia; qualified their No. 12 Porsche sponsored by Bodymotion, Delaware Investments and Trim Tex in tenth place. He advanced to ninth at the start and ran in that position throughout his stint. He pitted for fuel and rain Continental tires on lap 16 when the weather turned nasty, and the race was red flagged at the halfway point due to lightning in the area.

The bad weather abated and Cassels was back in ninth when he pitted a second time under yellow with 52:40 remaining for fuel, slick tires and Hindman to take over. The pit stop was excellent and Hindman was fifth when the race resumed with 43 minutes remaining to set up the hectic closing minutes.

Hindman successfully avoided all sorts of opportunities to become involved in accidents. Some examples included when Robin Liddell lost power right beside him with 16:71 to go; when Plumb went on and off the track next to him coming out of the Inner Loop with 10:12 to go, and when Carter spun across the track on the final lap. Afterwards Hindman said he was also dealing with a broken sway bar or shock throughout his stint.

Kemper qualified seventh in the No. 31 Porsche Cayman, which is sponsored by VeriStor, Bodymotion, the Apex Sports Car Academy and Delaware Investments. He took off like a rocket at the drop of the green flag and was fourth by lap two. The rookie from Thermal, Calif. moved into third on lap five when Sarah Cattaneo's car lost its clutch. Derek Jones (no relation to Devin) passed him on lap 11 to push him back to fourth, but he stayed in that position before dropping to tenth after a pit stop around lap 20. He clawed his way back up to seventh before he pitted for Devin Jones to take over around lap 24. Jones fell to 12th and then 13th after that round of pit stops and some time lost getting around a lapped car.

Jones persevered, however. The Mooresville, N.C.-based driver was back in tenth with 5:24 to go after Pumpelly stopped in Turn 9. He continued to push, setting the car's fastest lap of the race on lap 41. Hindman's fastest lap was also near the end of the race, as he set it on lap 40.

The race will air on FOX Sports 1 on Sunday, July 9 from 10 a.m. to noon Eastern.

Post-race quotes follow:

Cameron Cassels, co-driver, No. 12 Bodymotion Racing Porsche Cayman GT4:

"At the beginning of the stint the car seemed fine. There were a lot of grip issues as we went along; the track definitely started to rubber up and we started to slide around more. The car was great and was well prepared. We were in a great position and we were very confident going into this race.

"The big picture is the season is one long race, so to come in fourth today still puts us in a great position in the points race. We walk out of here holding our heads high because we maintain the points lead and the car is still in one piece.

"It was super-sunny for a long time. Then as soon as you climb the hill out of Turn 7 you look up and see a curtain of water coming. We were all in the same boat out there, literally. It definitely got slick really fast. It didn't last a long time, but when it did open up it sure dropped a lot of water on the track.

"This is definitely a rhythm track; that's why I like it so much. Drake Kemper mentioned that it's like a street course with elevation changes. You have to get into a rhythm. It took me a little bit to get that rhythm. I didn't lose a lot of time, but I definitely could have made up some positions. I had more pace than a couple cars, but I just couldn't get around them early. By the time I seemed to find my rhythm we were catching ST cars, and then there was traffic all around, and then the skies opened up.

"A lot of our families were here this weekend and they'll be at Mosport next weekend. We really want to get back onto the top step of the podium. We definitely would have taken another podium position today, but coming out of here still with the points lead and the car still in one piece, that's a success."

Trent Hindman, co-driver, No. 12 Bodymotion Racing Porsche Cayman GT4:

"I'm not sure; maybe we had broken a sway bar or we might have lost a shock at some point in the race. Cameron had warned me on the radio when I got in that the car was a bit to handle, and definitely different than the package we had in practice. That truly showed itself once the race went green, especially on these stop-and-go restarts. It was definitely tough.

"But overall, we're in this for a championship. It would have been very easy for me to put my hands up and say this isn't our day and just hang out and let people go, but that's not what I'm about, it's not what Bodymotion Racing is about, it's not what Trim Tex is about, and it's not what Cameron Cassels is about.

"We're in a fight for a championship all the way until the bitter end. I think we were sixth near the end but we got a fourth out of it. We picked up two positions at the very end.

"It's disappointing that we couldn't come home with a win, but I thank the Bodymotion Racing crew for pulling together.

"Continental [Tires] gave us a brand new, very much improved tire for this year. We love it. But at the end of the day when you have a major mechanical issue, you're just along for the ride really, and we did our best to manage and negate the damage. I think this was a very positive day in terms of the championship."

Drake Kemper, co-driver, No. 31 Bodymotion Racing Porsche Cayman:

"It didn't go anything like we planned, but it worked out for the most part. The car is still in one piece. We had great strategy and great pace. We passed five cars right off the bat and we running in second and third the whole time, and then a torrential downpour happened. It wasn't just not drivable conditions; it was dangerous conditions.

"We had tires ready on the wall. I knew we were going to be flying out there on rains. The setup in the dry wasn't great with the understeer, but in the wet you're not going to understeer much anyway.

"The double yellow came out though and we didn't get to put rains on and drive through the field like we wanted to, but we did keep the car on the track, and that's a lot more than I can say for some of the others.

"You really want to have good control of the vehicle at all times here. The Glen circuit drives a lot like a street circuit but with elevation changes.

"This track is awesome. It's definitely a driver's circuit. I like the walls everywhere. It might not be the safest thing, but it adds character. And the car is in one piece.

"My mindset was great during the red because I was hungry. I saw those two cars in front of me and I was hoping for it to go green because I wanted to drive straight to the front. But I didn't get to be in the car for the restart because of the time constraints.

"Devin's restart didn't go quite according to plan because a lapped car was in the way. We gambled and lost and got stuck behind a car that was a lap down. But there's not too much damage on it. It's good to go.

"On to Mosport, my favorite track. It's big, it's bad, it's fast, it's dangerous around every corner, and this Cayman should be great there."

Devin Jones, co-driver, No. 31 Bodymotion Racing Porsche Cayman:

"The restarts are always tricky for ST drivers because they come at a different time and place on the track for us than the GS drivers. We got caught out a little there.

"Overall I think when the rain came and washed all the rubber away, it was a different track than what we practiced on. It definitely really tightened the car up a lot. We had too much grip in the front end. It's so hard to get any grip in the rear tires here. There is so much grip in the track. When the rain came it washed the rubber off and made us understeer pretty bad.

"We're definitely a little disappointed since we did so well here last year; we ran second. But sometimes when you come back to a track you were at the previous year, the same setups don't always work. You just learn from that and move on.

"It's tricky. With the fresh pavement there's so much grip here, and when that rain came it changed everything. It was the same for everybody, but I think it suited some of the other cars a little better than it did ours, just because of the way we had our car set up. It's always a gamble. You don't know if it'll rain or stay dry. You just try to make the best decision you can. But overall the car is in one piece and we'll move on to the next race.

"I have to thank VeriStor and everybody who came on board this season to help us out."

Mike Bavaro, team owner: "We managed putting the rain tires on while it was pouring rain and we had to do both cars. We were hoping to get the (No.) 31 car in before the full-course caution. He was in Turn 10 when they called it, so we missed getting that car in by maybe 100 yards.

"Trent did a great job. He knows what to do. He called in what he thought was a front shock or a sway bar broken because the car was very loose on him, but he did a good job managing it and holding his position. We needed to be in the top five to hold our point lead, which we did. It's tenuous. I think the McLaren is three points behind us, but it's important in the big picture.

"We wanted to defend our win here with the GS car and we fell short on that one. We wanted to defend our second here with the ST car and we fell short on that one. But I think we have a good team and a good setup for Mosport, and I think the boys will do well there."