How Do You Spell That Again? Getting to Know Till Bechtolsheimer and His Many Nicknames
Tuesday, November 21, 2017

For anyone following CJ Wilson Racing on social media, updates and lap-by-lap action of the 2017 IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge have been quite entertaining, especially when it comes to driver Till Bechtolsheimer.

Bechtolsheimer, a native of Ampney St. Peter in the United Kingdom, co-drove the No. 33 Porsche Cayman GT4 in his first full season of IMSA competition to a fourth-place finish in the 2017 standings with co-driver Marc Miller.

But finding Bechtolsheimer on social media can be tricky, given that he’s refrained from creating any accounts.

As a result, the team’s PR director cleverly found a way to fill in the blanks on Twitter and Instagram during a race weekend, and Miller was quick to join in on his social media.

However, it’s rare to see Bechtolsheimer’s actual name as someone scrolls through those accounts. Names like Tillo Bilbobaggins and Bill Prayingmantis-Smith comically appear as a reference to the Englishman, who now lives in New York.

But who is the man behind the many nicknames? Get to know Bechtolsheimer and take a look at some of the most entertaining pseudonyms created for him:

Q: Describe your family’s heritage. Is Till a family name?

Tweed Plaidsportcoat: I was born in Germany, but my family moved to the U.K. when I was four years old. For some reason, my parents liked the idea of naming my siblings and I with somewhat traditional German names. I think I did pretty well with Till, especially considering my poor brother is called Götz! Bechtolsheimer just means “someone from Bechtolsheim,” the peasant version of “Von Bechtolsheim.”

Q: When did you realize you wanted to start racing?

Thrill Rickshawpainter: I raced karts as a kid (ages 10-14). I wanted to do some racing after high school, before going to college, but had zero budget. The cheapest form of racing I could find was Mini-cross (Rallycross in old Minis), where the organizers tried to keep the budget at £150 per weekend (including travel, accommodation, entry and racing).

After a 10-year hiatus from racing, I wanted to get back into it. I’ve always been a huge classic car enthusiast and so decided to give historic racing a try. I’ve been racing historic cars ever since 2010 and wouldn’t give it up for the world. I met Marc Miller in 2015 and had been thinking about trying my hand in a modern sports car. He suggested I come and do a day’s testing with CJWR and by the end of the day I was talking to the team about the 2016 season.

Q: What is your favorite track on the IMSA schedule?

Gill Oltminster-Sidesaddle: Another running joke within the team is that as I went to each track on the IMSA schedule for the first time I said, “I think this is my new favorite.” But my true favorite is Watkins Glen.

Q: In honor of American Thanksgiving this week, what is your favorite food?

Tool Sausagefingers: My wife’s shepherd's pie! But I do also love turkey with all the trimmings. Thanksgiving is something you Americans really got right!

Q: What are one or two races on your “bucket list?”

Tim Musketpacker: Le Mans and the Dakar are at the top of a very long list.

Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of IMSA?

Phil Beltandshoeshiner: I love classic aircraft almost as much as classic cars. Sailing and skiing are up there too.

Q: Any special offseason plans?

Basil Levingoodminster: I’m heading back to Europe for Christmas and New Years to spend some time with family and get some skiing in.