Qualifying Procedures

In between several practice sessions and the race comes a brief qualifying session.

Qualifying is critical. It determines how close to the front each car will start the race. The advantage of having better starting position can pay huge dividends as the ensuing race unfolds.

It's a time for strategy and split-second decisions and is divided into 15-minute sessions for each class. Only one driver per car is allowed to qualify. The clock starts ticking with the green flag, timing is critical throughout the session. Competitors not only factor in how many laps it takes to get their tires up to optimal temperature for the best grip, but how traffic will affect each lap. 

Drivers have to decide if it's better to go out as quickly as possible to get in at least one fast lap, or to hold back and wait, hoping for a traffic-free lap.

The driver with the fastest lap in the session earns the Motul Pole Award, with lap times setting the grid positions for the race.

It is not mandatory for drivers and teams to use the entire 15-minute qualifying session but teams are not allowed to touch the ars once qualifying starts. If a driver causes a red flag during qualifying, that driver will lose the fastest lap from the qualifying session.

If qualifying is canceled, starting grids are set by team points.